The Laminator
Classical Analysis of Composite Laminates

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What's New - January 29, 2011

Version 3.7 Released

The Laminator is an engineering program written for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 that analyzes laminated composite plates according to classical laminated plate theory. Input consists of ply material properties, material strengths, ply fiber orientation and stacking sequence, mechanical loads and/or strains, and temperature and moisture loads. Output consists of apparent laminate material properties, ply stiffness and compliance matrices, laminate "ABD" matrices, laminate loads and mid-plane strains, ply stresses and strains in global and material axes, and load factors for ply failure based on Maximum Stress, Maximum Strain, Tsai-Hill, Hoffman, and Tsai-Wu failure theories. A micromechanics calculator is also included for estimating lamina properties for given fiber and matrix properties. The program can also be run from the command line for batch processing.

This software can be downloaded and evaluated before purchase. Until purchased, this software has the following operations disabled: Opening and Saving input files, Printing and Saving output files, Exporting and Importing a material library, saving User Materials to the library, and Command Line (batch) processing. Purchasing your copy will enable these features and remove the registration reminder.

Price: $29 for a single-user license. Multi-user discounts are available (see further below).

Below is a screen shot of the program, followed by download and registration links.

Laminator Screen Shot

Download The Laminator here: The Laminator (Version 3.7, 443 kb)

and then purchase The Laminator using one of the links below or, after installation, see the information on the Registration tab, or in the help file, for other registration options.

To purchase using SWREG use one of the links in the following table. Once connected to SWREG you will have the options of purchasing through the web by credit card, or by FAX, phone, Proforma invoice, or PayPal.

Credit Cards Accepted
Licensing Options Purchase Links @ SWREG
Single User License -- $29 Buy Now - Single User
5-User License -- $125 Buy Now - 5 Users
10-User License -- $190 Buy Now - 10 Users
25-User License -- $275 Buy Now - 25 Users
50-User License -- $350 Buy Now - 50 Users
100-User License -- $425 Buy Now - 100 Users

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